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The public view of British service personnel is predominantly that of the soldier, the front liners who face the bullets and the bombs, the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way. Alongside the British Army are the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force whose personnel also spend time in the forward deployment areas. However since their operational role is one of support, the general public may not be fully aware that there are other servicemen out there. 



This project looks at members of the RAF who have been 'on detachment' in conflict zones and have returned home unscathed. They are regular people who live among us but they wear a uniform when they're at work. These are airmen who have a home life no different to the general public. They have partners, kids, own their own homes and live in rented accommodations. 



They have all served at least one detachment of four months at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan or in Basra in Iraq and some of them have completed more than one detachment at one or both of these military installations. These detachments are coming around a little more infrequently than they were at the height of the Allied support but they still expect to be spending significant time away within the next couple of years. 

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